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Leading Refrigeration Equipment Suppliers in China

Shengzhou Hailu Refrigeration Equipment Co., Limited is located in Huangze Town, Changzhou City. Since its foundation in 1998, the company has made its name as a specialized Refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China. The company covers has become one of the dominant refrigeration equipment manufacturers producing the most complete product category and specifications in China. The company can produce over 50000 tons of refrigeration tools and 10 million sets of evaporators and condensers every year. Our products include ,external rotor ,compressor pipes, evaporators, and condensers. It supplies quality and reliable products to many well-known refrigerator/freezer and compressor brands in China and overseas. The company has received the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system. In the recent period, we have made innovations consistently for competitive edge among other Refrigeration equipment suppliers. Our wide range of commercial refrigerated display cases, reach-in refrigerators, and glass door cooler merchandisers, enables us to adapt to your specific requirements. We have outfitted different refrigeration tools as diverse as a large supermarket, a delicatessen, or a small convenience store.

Best Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturer in China

Being a top-notch Refrigeration equipment manufacturer, our worktop refrigerators are space-saving equipment for commercial food service kitchens. Each unit has a magnificent food-grade surface for food preparation, as well as a refrigerated portion in the base to hold prepared food and ingredients. Utilizing available space is of the best importance. The worktop refrigerator is a perfect way to maximize available floor space. Choose from a variety of sizes, brands, and features. One feature to look for is the backsplash, which comes standard on some units. The backsplash prevents food crumbs and debris from falling behind the unit that will assist in keeping your kitchen clean during food prep. As one of the quality Refrigeration equipment suppliers, we offer fan model exhaust refrigeration. Each fan model has advantages for specific applications, providing the most economical ways of performing the air movement operation. The tip for our clients is sorting through each of the models available to find one that is suitable for their needs. We are renowned as a reliable Refrigeration equipment manufacturer. Our refrigeration equipment consists of low power consumption applications that show an important solution for retailers in times of increasing price hike for limited energy and resources. If you need to select one among the best Refrigeration equipment suppliers, we are the one.

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