New high efficiency commercial air cooler parameters
February 27, 2020
D type series air cooler use
February 27, 2020
The D-type air cooler housing is spray-coated, corrosion-resistant and generous in appearance. The evaporation tube has two types of Φ12 and Φ16, and the coil tube is arranged in a novel manner to reduce the wind side resistance. After the sleeve is placed, the aluminum sheet is tightly wrapped on the copper tube through the mechanical tube, and the heat transfer efficiency is high. The special fan motor is selected, the noise is low, the air volume is large, and the operation is stable. At the same time, explosion-proof motors can be selected according to user needs. All wiring is placed in a junction box for easy installation and maintenance. U-shaped stainless steel electric heating tube is placed in the coil to achieve high-efficiency defrost. The trough hanger is convenient for lifting. All of them are subjected to pressure-holding and nitrogen filling before leaving the factory.

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