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March 4, 2020
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Evaporative Air Cooler


Quality Evaporative Air Cooler Supplier in China

For more than 20 years, as a leading evaporative cooler supplier in China, Quzhou Hailu Refrigeration and Drying Equipment Limited is renowned as a superior evaporative air cooler supplier.  Our products range from industrial cooler to commercial air cooler, as well as residential cooler. Our product range covers all applications throughout the life. We take immense pride in offering an assortment of solutions to enhance your business. We have an air cooler manufacturing facility. The facility ensures that our product is both attractive and innovative. Our products have been sold to several countries, such as India, Japan, Middle East, UK, the USA, etc. Quality certifications have also been acquired by us for our products.

Over two decades, we always have insisted on the high-quality production of evaporative coolers for customers. In order to meet the needs of our valued customers, likewise, we continue to improve OEM/ODM services. The international market is the main growth market for our products. Therefore, we continuously improve our products to meet international standards.

Evaporative Air Cooler Supplier in China

Hailu Equipment, as an evaporative air cooler supplier, has been rated positively in the presence of the competitors. Our clients remain eager to find various intermediate options between an air condition and an air fan. Opposite to air conditions, our room air cooler technology & design allows the users to have a refreshing & pleasant climate through a chilly breeze. The air coolers, additionally, improve your environment too.

In our evaporative air cooler, there are four sides of evaporative cooking pads double area than any other cooler. Evaporative coolers made by us do not need sophisticated upkeep nor expensive warranty policies for after-sale service.

Our Chenzhou City-based company is highly customer-centric and is well-known honestly and ethically in which we carry out business deals. Expectations of customers related to matchless quality and services are surpassed by our company every time.

We have a professional sales staff to offer rapid response and good service. We offer Full product lines for evaporative cooling items. Small orders are accepted. We treat every order well.

So, if you need a reliable and efficient evaporative air cooler supplier, come to us.

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