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March 4, 2020
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Evaporative Air Cooler
April 16, 2020


Characteristics of the oil cooler (introduction):
1. Water-cooled oil cooler uses water as medium and oil for heat exchange. The advantage is that the cooling effect is better, which can meet the requirements of lower oil temperature (the oil temperature can be reduced to about 40 °C. The disadvantage is that there must be water source) The place can be used.
2. The air-cooled oil cooler uses air as a medium and oil for heat exchange. The advantage is that air is used as a cooling source, which is basically not restricted to use. It is environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that it is affected by the ambient temperature and is at a higher temperature. When the temperature of the oil cannot be lowered to the desired temperature (it is difficult to reduce the temperature of the oil to only 5~10 °C above the ambient temperature).
Oil cooling performance
1. Wide heat transfer area: The heat transfer tube of the cooler adopts the copper tube thread type design, and the contact area is wide, so the heat transfer effect is higher than that of the general smooth heat transfer tube.
2, good heat transfer: This series of copper tube is directly sintered by copper tube, so that the heat transfer tube is integrated, so the heat transfer is good and true, there is no heat transfer is not good.
3, can be suitable for large flow: the number of heat transfer tubes is reduced, the smooth area of ​​the oil is used to increase, and the loss of pressure can be prevented. There is a partition to guide the flow direction, which can produce a curved flow direction, increase the flow, and exert its effectiveness.
4. Good heat transfer tube: It adopts 99.9% pure copper with good thermal conductivity, which is a cooling tube suitable for heat dissipation.
5. No oil leakage: Because the plate tube and the body adopt the integrated design, it can avoid the trouble of mixing water and oil. At the same time, it is tightly sealed after passing the airtight test before leaving the factory, so it can achieve the purpose of leak prevention.
6. Easy assembly: The foot can be rotated freely by 360 degrees. For the body to change direction and angle assembly freely, it can be directly welded to any position of the mother machine or oil tank through the foot seat, which is convenient and simple.
7. The spiral baffle guides the oil into a spiral continuous and continuous flow, which overcomes the heat transfer dead angle generated by the traditional baffle, has high heat exchange efficiency and small pressure loss.
8. There are two processes and four processes for water flow. The flow has large flow (large guide of deflector) and small flow (small guide of deflector), which can meet various requirements.

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